Nowadays, it is reported that number of fatalities caused by the traffic accidents are more than 1.2 million in the world.
Even we try not to encounter the traffic accident, such risks are surrounding us in every corner of the world.
The automobiles are evolving day by day to assume our safety and it is becoming more safety product in fact. For instance, fixing of air bags and wearing of seat belt are getting more popular as an passenger protection system. Also, in purpose of protect the pedestrian, vehicles structure, design and materials are being improved. Moreover, it is generally called “Eyes-Sight” or “Human –Safety “systems are being adopted as of now.
Nevertheless, Traffic Fatalities ZERO society will be not realistically, even if we have made every effort.
We, JASTI, are manufacturing and developing Anthropomorphic Test Dummy (ATD) as a Measuring Apparatus to calibrate and evaluate “Vehicle-Safety” since 1995.
Our products lineup is not only ATD for passenger safety, but also HeadForm Impactor for Pedestrian safety and calibration test equipments as well.

In order to contribute the development of a safety car, JASTI will strive for the development and manufacturing of the dummy for the world market.

When traffic accident in the world comes to ZERO, our mission will be over.
However, in order to our safety, JASTI keep and serve the manufacturing of the dummy as our mission until such a day comes.

For our safety, JASTI!



JASTI is an experienced Company, manufacturing dummy/dummy parts in a high quality,with a continuous evaluation and examination made in the technical center to reach a high demand from all our visitors and to make them to become our customers.
Our products not only are according to the regulation at the technical report of SAE,the quality of each part is guaranted by on the function,evaluation and testing in an actual dummy. Moreover the headform impactor for pedestrian protection is also manufactured and sold in Jasti in cooperation with Japan Automovile Research Institute,Inc (JARI).
The impactor (4.5kg for Adults and 3.5kg for children) was developed in our company and has received high evaluation in durability and its stable quality in the market around the world, Quality Policy has contribuited to the Society through traffic collision safety study.
Quality Policy

Our strategy is to stablish and create the highest Quality Product for improving the safety,comfort and protection of people and their environment. Through our management systems we will provide to our customers the equipment,designs and services that meet and exceed their expectations.

  1. Aim at ONLY 1 from No.1
  2. Perform Cooperate Acitivity from Visitor`s Viewpoint
  3. Raise Ability and Strive for Conitinuos Quality Improvement
  4. Providing a safe work environment for all our employees and guests.
  5. the cooperative efforts of all employees of Jasti
  6. Improving processes and services through National and International Quality,environmental standards and Regulatory and legal requirements.
  7. Recognizing dsciplinies of Quality,environmental management as part of management function.
  8. Commiting of preservation of Natural Resources as an obligation to the society.
Operating target

Operating promotion exceeding the visitor`s expectation Anthropomorphic Test Devices dummy manufacture target

  1. Anthropomorphic Test Devices dummy as Measuring Instrument (Dummy individual specificity is reduced and it is Performance Level Management)
  2. Repeatability (Dummy Durability, Reliability Maintenance)
  3. Reproducibility Owner Dummy


Safety Measures for Mold Products
  • Safety Measures for Mold Products
  • Safety Measures for Mold Products
The skin of dummy parts such as chest jacket, head skin or other mold parts are mainly used Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) as core and primary material. However, due to reproduce the biofidelity of the dummy,JASTI has used DINA,DINP plasticizer, which is classified as non-cancer causing material, since 2009, even DOP had never been used. Nevertheless, these plasticizer still contains Phthalic Acid and JASTI use plasticizer “Phthalic Acid Free” material currently for PVC mold production.JASTI offers these skin parts with safety measures in mind for the customer.
Damping material
  • Damping material
  • Rib Impact Test
Damping material of Rib components for Hybrid III 50th Male and 5th Female have been used so-called United Mcgill for a long time. However, due to the discontinuation of United Mcgill, JASTI developed new damping materials with low carbon composition, which are less affected of thermal conductivity. By using newly developed damping material, JASTI is able to issue the Rib high and low speed impact certification.
Rubber Products Anthropomorphic Test Device of Dummy is designed and manufactured to reproduce the human kinematic behavior caused by impact with a vehicle. Due to replicate the human behavior in an impact, dummy is made up of many kind of components and materials. Especially, rubber material is used widely for sensitively performed region of Neck, Lumber Spine, Nodding Block and Knee Flesh Insert. In these regions, it is demanded high biological replication, the rubber is adopted for these region utilizing its property of flexion and extension characteristics. However the rubber will deteriorate and change on the hardness by time variation, therefore it is assumed some tolerances originally in the drawings. JASTI manufactures the optional rubber parts with different hardness but still within the tolerance allowed and it makes it easier for the customers to set the dummy up and adjust for the calibration purpose.
JASTI offers these rubber parts with different hardness for Hip joint-femur flexion test [Lumber Spine], Neck certification [Nodding Block] and Femur impact response [Knee Flesh Insert].
Lumbar Spine
  • Lumbar Spine
  • Torso Flexion Test for Hybrid III 5th Female.
  • Debond test of Lumbar spine with 240kgs load.
The Lumbar Spine is a molded product based on rubber materials and an important component in the reduction of energy transmitted to the thorax. The performance of lumbar spines is requested not only surface hardness, but also repeatability and reproducibility through Torso Flexion test. JASTI conducts own unique evaluation test to secure lumbar spines reliability.
Nodding Block
  • Nodding Block
One pair of Nodding Block is assembled in Nodding Joint Assembly of Hybrid III 50M,5F and 95LM, which is made of rubber material and control the Neck flexion and extension performance with molded Neck combining. To applying different hardness of Nodding Blocks, JASTI makes it easy for the customers to adjust the neck performance within the corridor, but without replacing the Neck Molded, as JASTI has verified this performance and inclination throughout the development/manufacturing stage. Flexion and extension of Neck performance is adjustable by the combination of Nodding Block as it has the variation of hardness allowed 80 to 90 by Durometer Shore A in the drawing. JASTI supply the Neck molded assembly, which is certified with Nodding Block Shore A 85 as standard products. However, if it can not be met within the requested corridor during using, optional 5 pieces of different hardness Nodding Block Shore 80-82-85-87-90 are available and JASTI recommend to use/test these optional parts. Using these optional parts combining makes Neck certification much easier. Any information requires for the performance of nodding block hardness, please consult JASTI, we offer solution and recommendation.
Knee Flesh Insert
  • Knee Flesh Insert
Knee Flesh Insert is assembled between Knee flesh and Knee cap to absorb the impact force upon the knee and it is made of the rubber. During Knee impact calibration process, impact the Knee under defined condition of mass and acceleration by rigid pendulum, it is demanded the peak knee impact force of 4715-5782 N to assume the impact force to be transmitted to the femur. Replacing the parts of Knee Flesh Insert with different hardness within the tolerance of 40 to 50 Shore A by Durometer, impact force can be adjustable. JASTI offers 3 different type of Knee Flesh Insert Shore A 42(soft), 45(standard), 47(hard) and recommends to use different type of Knee Flesh Insert for your easy Knee Impact calibration process.


Trade Name JASTI Co.,Ltd.
Head Office
2-4-3 Miyoshi, Koto-ku,Tokyo
Head Office
Technical Center
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Technical Center
Capital 20,000,000 Yen
Executive President Yoshihiro Ozawa
Establishment January, 1994
Fiscal Year End The End of December
Main Bank Mitsubishi UFJ Bank